Diabetes Risk Increases with Television Viewing, One Hour at a Time

A study found a link between watching television and diabetes risk. The alarming findings show that for each hour of television a person watches daily, their risk for developing diabetes increases by 3.4 percent.

The Study

The investigation was conducted by the Diabetes Prevention Program, with a clinical trial funded by the National Health Institution. Dr. Bonny Rockette-Wagner, lead author of the study, notes that the results are pretty clear. “Less time spent watching TV per day over a three-year follow-up translated into a lower risk of developing diabetes, even after controlling for how much physical activity people were reporting,” she said.

Sitting is the Culprit

“Future intervention efforts that focus on increasing physical activity and reducing weight also should consider emphasizing sitting less,” said Dr. Andrea Kriska, the senior author of the study.

A sedentary lifestyle can be unhealthy, and television tends to foster that kind of lifestyle. Instead of sitting and watching life happen on TV, get out and enjoy your life while you can.

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