Diabetes is a Full-Time Job with No vacations

Do you feel like you have diabetes burn-out? Does managing your diabetes make you feel like you're riding an emotional roller coaster? You are not alone. Diabetes is a hard disease to live with because it's a bit like having a full-time job-- with no vacation time.

A Day in the Life

When you're diabetic, your disease infiltrates your whole day. It is always on your mind, always something to do.

As soon as you wake up, you're check your blood sugar. You're probably doing this several times per day, whether you have to do it manually by poking yourself or check a device for changes.

You can't take eating anything for granted-- for every meal, every snack, you have to mentally calculate all the calories and carbs. Taking your meds, taking your insulin, fussing with syringes or pumps-- it's all in a day’s work.

While some people go to the doctor for a quick check-up every year or two, just about every month you’re seeing some specialist or having some routine test done. From your daily foot check, to your blood sugar fluctuations getting in the way of your plans, to waking in the middle of the night with symptoms of hypoglycemia, it’s like you’re on call 24/7 for your one and only client— Mr. Diabetes, who seems to never be satisfied and always has new needs.

It’s Okay

It’s okay to be frustrated. It’s okay to get angry. It’s okay to get into a little funk every now and then. It doesn’t mean you’re a quitter or a whiney complainer. It means you are very human facing a life-long challenge.

So if you need to vent once in a while, remember that you have a good reason for it. So vent away, then get back to work.

Photo: Pound The Pavement