Living with Diabetes: Grab and Go Lunches from the Supermarket

In a perfect world, you'd always leave the house with the perfect packed lunch. In reality, it doesn't always work out that way. Don’t go for fast food; go to a supermarket.

Grab a Salad
Grab bagged or packaged salad with fat free dressing. If you’re too busy to stop eating, you might prefer a raw veggie medley you can munch with one hand.

Get some Soup
If you have access to a microwave, a can of soup can fit the bill. Some supermarkets even have soup counters where you can just ladle and go. Just remember, not all soups are healthy options—so check labels and ingredients lists.

Pack In the Protein
Head to the deli counter and get a few slices of lean meats like turkey breast, and a couple of slices of Swiss or provolone cheese. Instead of getting a sandwich, you can roll them up like antipasto. Complete your plate with olives, cherry tomatoes and a whole wheat roll.

Don’t Forget Snacks
While you’re there, pick yourself up some dessert in the form of a piece of fresh fruit. You can also pick up a low-fat protein bar or drink for a quick pick-me-up snack later.

Photo: Kirwen's Super Market, Babble

A salad is always a great grab and go lunch option for Diabetics.