Fight Diabetes with High-Intensity Work Outs!

Are you a diabetic, or at risk for diabetes? Then it's time to get tough. According to research, high-intensity exercises can be beneficial in managing blood sugar.

The Research

According to a study published in the "Annals of International Medicine", Canadian researchers found that even a minor increase in a treadmill incline can protect you from diabetes.

“The ability to manage blood sugar is a direct consequence of a couple of things, including the ability of the muscles to take glucose out of the blood and store it for use as fuel,” said Robert Ross, lead author of the study. Ross is a professor at Queens University in Ontario. “As we become sedentary, our muscles become sedentary, too, and we can become insulin resistant,” he said.

Insulin resistance can eventually turn into diabetes. Test subjects doing higher intensity workouts in the study not only lost weight and belly fat, but also had better glucose readings than those who did low-intensity work outs.

What Is High Intensity?

According to Ross, working out at a 75 percent of age-adjusted maximum heart rate would be considered a high-intensity workout. The easiest way they found to do that would be to bump the treadmill incline slightly.

A minor adjustment can make a big difference!

Photo: More Than Running