Diabetes Burnout: What It Is and How to Cope

Anytime you don’t catch a break from some routine or activity, you are at risk for burnout. Diabetics are no exception. Learn how to recognize the signs, and get through it.

What Is Burnout?

Managing your health every day requires effort: blood glucose monitoring, feet inspections, meal planning and medications. While you can learn to take treatment in stride, let’s face it: it’s a lot of details to tend to every day. If you get to the point where you just wish you could sleep in and blow it all off, then you know what burn-out feels like.

Dealing with Burnout

Identify obstacles that frustrate you to make diabetes management easier. Reorganize your schedule or your kitchen, purchase a wider variety of healthy food options or get a treadmill to cut down on gym visits.

Don’t be hard on yourself for occasionally slipping, or for imperfect blood sugar levels. Remember, it’s about the bigger picture.

You might consider joining a support group to help re-motivate yourself. Even if you have no motivation, it’s still necessary to stay on track with treatment. There are ways to get through and overcome burn-out.

Photo: Diabetes Daily Post